Friday, August 04, 2017


Assalamualaikum. There's nothing much happening on my July besides having school visits during all the working days. It's tiring but fun at the same time. I am thankful for all the technical assistants who sacrificed their time to help us fix the iNEIS issues from schools, they followed us to Tutong and KB just to accompany us.

On weekends, I usually bring my family for breakfast.

Below is the egg I destroyed:

Tried to go to the perayaan, but apparently the next day was HM's Bersama Rakyat in Bandar, so Taman SOAS has been closed that afternoon for preparations.

One fine morning during the end of the month, while waiting for my wife's car to be fixed, had breakfast at Papa Rich Gadong

Well that's about it, I'm now waiting for my stuff to arrive from DHL, in the tracker it says "with Delivery Courier" so I'm quite anxious hehe. I might go to Tutong later with my wife to visit my sister in law.

Mama and Bapa is doing well Alhamdulillah. I pray for their health.

See you in the next post!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ramadan and Syawal 2017


It has been a while.

Here are some Raya photos for 2017:

Colleagues from school and I, during their last day at JSS


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Japan Honeymoon Trip 6th - 13th November 2013

Went to Japan in November using Singapore Airlines, via Singapore. Stayed in Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower at Shinagawa Station.

 Gundam at Diver City Tokyo, Odaiba.

 Lighted Trees also at Odaiba.

 Hitachi Seaside Park with Kochia Plants

 Little Venice at Disney Sea, Tokyo

 My wife and Disney Castle at Disneyland Tokyo

 Kyoto Station

 Arashiyama Bamboo Path in Saga-Arashiyama

 Tenryu-Ji Temple

 Hachiko Statue on his waiting spot at Shibuya Station

 The busiest place in the world, Shibuya Crossings

 Coach Shibuya, my wife's favourite place haha

 Tokyo Tower from World Trade Centre Tokyo

 Halal food is expensive in Japan, this costs about $75 Brunei. Ayam, ikan sama sayur dalca, ayamnya lagi ayam putung2 empat segi. Nada betulang. Kalau di Brunei 6 ringgit kali saja ni semua ah haha.

Shinagawa Station